Love the outdoors? Join the club!

Do you love the outdoors? Join the club!

The Cross Timbers Sierra Club is back in action.  The Cross Timbers membership area covers North Texas from just north of Dallas/Fort Worth to the Red River, Denton to McKinney and in between.

The ‘Cross Timbers’ name refers to the entangled scrubby oak woodlands which once covered portions of Oklahoma and North Texas.  The difficulty of “crossing these timbers” presented a very real barrier to early travelers, whether by traveling horseback, wagon, or foot and so they coined the term cross timbers for the area.

Few large stands of these woodlands remain in North Texas, but some examples still exist such as those near the shores of Lake Texoma and areas of Blackland Prairie.

Follow our Facebook page for latest information on meetings, outings, and volunteer opportunities.

236236a cross timbers and barrens

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